Mat Glenn

selected projects

    XSPACE (ongoing)
XSPACE is a project that explores the ways in which human experiences are mediated by fabricated things. XSPACE refers to the unstable space somewhere between human subjects and nonhuman objects, life and matter. Indebted to the research of Timothy Morton and Jane Bennett, XSPACE uses theory and art to explore the unstable and spooky nature of our relationships with nonhumans. 

Untitled, 2017
Fairing, stickers, soot
31” x 30” x 7”

Untitled, 2018
Mixed media
40” x 22” x 40”

Bowflex Composition, 2017
Rubber, Aluminum
43.5” x 94” Untitled (treadmill), 2017
Paint, treadmill
24” x 8” x 69”

Untitled (treadmill), 2017
Paint, treadmill
29” x 60” x 24”